Think Smart ; Dictate Smart !

iSmartDM, a dictation and transcription management app, lets you break free from all barriers of conventional dictation and transcription management. It allows you to manage the entire dictation and transcription management cycle right from your smartphone. We have developed individual, native iOS and Android-based apps by utilizing a cross platform approach to allow all device-specific users take advantage of this app.

As Android and iOS account for over 90% of smartphones operating system, we ensure that everyone can use this app, irrespective of what device they use.

With rising smartphone users worldwide, iSmartDM has become an indispensable part of our proprietary, VoiceSys, the end-to-end dictation and transcription management suite.

Recording, editing and sending dictation files from your smartphone has never been so easy. The flexibility it provides is obvious in the reduced turnaround times (TAT) of our clients. iSmartDM is the perfect companion for your iPhone, fulfilling everything required for secure & wireless dictation workflow.