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What's an app if it doesn't make you look smarter?

So you have decided to jump right into the middle of a full-fledged app war? It’s no comfort knowing that this has been going on for a while now; the competitors aren’t tiring down a bit. Hell! More seems to march in every day.

This is a war that needs to be won, right? Why not team up with a battle-hardened veteran then? Searching for one? Well, you just made the perfect landing!

M2ComSys, an Olympus-App development partner, has gone places where few have reached. Mobile App development is not just about codes and platforms here; it’s about simplifying your life and organizing your business.

We boast of a rich portfolio in iPhone based apps, but never restricted ourselves to a single platform. This was at a time when many developers swore allegiance to the intimidating Apple community.

Why tie the wings of an eagle?

M2ComSys was at the forefront when the iconic Android upheaval befell, thus aiding the creation of a true App ecosystem, eliciting the best out of all players. We partnering with a leading healthcare and consumer electronics giant, to develop an Android app for their dictation system was a tell-tale sign of our adaptation to this new ecosystem.

Now, let’s take a look at some fascinating figures

  • Estimated global app economy in 2016 stands at a whopping $143 billion.
  • Android-based Smartphones, whose sales were a mere 6.8 million in 2009, have rocketed to a staggering 145 million in 2013, a stunning growth of 2000% over a short span of 4 years!

Our growth has always been in sync with the rise of the app culture. Our journey has been one mired with huge stumbling blocks. To be where we are today, it took patience and hard work, lots of it. We will keep finding a way to fit square pegs in round holes, simplifying the lives of millions worldwide, promising them a simpler and smarter world.

After all, humans are the smartest of His creations. Wouldn’t it be unfair if his apps aren’t?

Smart Mobile App Development

App Development – the M2ComSys way

  • Multi-platform Smart Mobile App Development

    We provide customized apps for a number of mobile platforms such as iPhone, Android, Windows and BlackBerry.

  • Mobile Strategy

    As enterprise mobility is rapidly moving from being a tactical benefit to a strategic imperative, we start with a rigorous needs-analysis, to predict how our solution can improve all aspects of your operations.

  • Design

    We offer a unique design experience that puts people over technology, and business over code. Creativity, end-user analysis, trendsetting user-interfaces, and life-like visual graphics are the key elements of our apps.

  • Development

    Always at the cutting edge of technology, our qualified mobile app development team follows an iterative approach to app development, even while ensuring optimum development and testing environments for different platforms.

  • Project Management

    We manage the complete app development project lifecycle – right from requirements gathering and prototyping, to testing and delivery in an organized, systematic and risk-managed manner.

  • Quality Assurance

    Quality is the watchword in the highly competitive app development space and we have emerged at the top of our game with a specialized in-house QA team that conducts rigorous functional / integration, / performance / load testing activities aimed at the timely delivery of dependable and user-friendly apps.

  • Deployment and Maintenance

    We also help you with the delicate app-deployment process. We can integrate your app with any back-end system with great ease and will walk you through your implementation and maintenance concerns to simplify adoption.

iSmartDM – Dictation and Transcript Management App from M2ComSys

At a time when physicians and clinicians were restricted to digital recorders and PCs to record their dictations, M2ComSys delivered a stroke of brilliance by announcing iSmartDM.

It presented a new dimension to the dictation and transcription management arena, and in one stroke, redefined the way dictation was perceived.

Today, iSmartDM has become an integral part of our proprietary, end-to-end dictation and transcription management suite, VoiceSys.

Recording, editing and transferring dictation files from your smartphone has never been this easy. The flexibility it offers is visible in the reduced turnaround times (TAT) of our clients. iSmartDM is the perfect companion for your smartphone, delivering everything needed for secure, economical & wireless dictation workflow.


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