US Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

Verification of patient Eligibility and Benefits

Our team is well versed in verifying the eligibility and benefits of patients telephonically, through insurance websites or IVR/IM systems provided by payers since it is imperative at the time of scheduling to gather as much information about the patient’s insurance carrier with which to verify benefits.

Charge Entry and Medical Billing

Our medical billing team has expertise electronic and paper claims submission help you bring in valuable revenue.

Payment Posting

We process the following types of remittance transactions with an exceptional degree of accuracy and timeliness:

  • Electronic Remittance Advisory (ERA) Posting
  • Manual Payment Posting
  • Denial Posting
  • Posting Patient Payment

Denial Management and AR Follow-up

Our AR voice and non-voice follow up teams analyze and perform timely follow-up on the outstanding balance in patient accounts, by making calls to insurance companies. We aim at reduction of ageing AR queues, thereby improving cash inflow and collection ratios of the customer. We review the patient records meticulously in order to address and rectify any denials from insurance.

Credit Balance

Our team carefully reviews any overpayments and validate any other reason for credit balances on patient accounts thereby taking necessary action towards its resolution.

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