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M2ComSys has been actively involved in the gaming and wagering industry for over 18 years. Comprehensive solution know-how, in-depth knowledge of technologies and a well-founded wealth of experience stemming from a variety of projects have brought us great success and acceptability.

We have expertise with standard totalisator protocol, pari-mutuel wagering pools and the collection, storage and processing of Advanced Deposit Wagering information and data.

Our team of experts includes betting app developers, mobile game developers, web platform developers, and other specialists who are ready to translate all your ideas into a robust software solution.

Services We Offer:

Gambling/ Wagering is typically betting on Casinos, Sports Events, Races or Fantasy Sports Events.
The online/ interactive wagering is the fastest growing segment of the industry. There are two major reasons for this; the first being the fact most of our activities today take place online, and that pattern extends to betting as well; the second reason is that more and more states in the USA and other countries worldwide are opening up their economy by loosening the regulations around gambling/ wagering.

Like most of the other industries, AI and Machine Learning Technologies are redefining how the market operates and strategizes, given the push for new trends.

A one stop shop online platform where you can experience the fun and thrill of betting on your favorite sporting events like horse racing, football, basketball, soccer and fantasy sports worldwide at the comfort of your smart device, just a click away.

We help you to make more informed decisions (bets) very quickly with the assistance of powerful AI Integration.

We also provide a scheduling tool that helps players to plan ahead on upcoming sporting events and the ability to make last minute changes easily.

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We make sure that each of our software we develop or apps we make are in the market, growing successfully, delivering satisfaction and ROI to our clients.
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