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We render a variety of different back-office services for some of the major players in the US healthcare industry, including; data entry work, software debugging jobs, and charge entry jobs.

New Enrollment:

Creating MRN for newborn babies, and creating MRN for new patients.

Demography Updation:

Updating the change in patient details.

Financial Updation:

Updating the change in patient details. Plan description and financial class added from the generated report provided.

Medication Refills Data Entry ​​

Prescription refills for patients to their pharmacies are done using software.

Software Interface Error Fixing

  • Fixing different error categories 
  • 143 interface, error type 100, bridging and re-filing
  • 1008 interface, 177 and 100 error type using Rhapsody.
  • 190 interfaces, fixing errors using IDX

Physician/ Provider Update Process

Updating the change in address, phone, and fax numbers of providers in different applications needed for Clients upon request.

Non-Medical Project for Machine Learning

This is general transcription work that mainly focuses on aiding the machine learning program for human voice recognition and AI development. The scope of this project was to build a database for AI virtual assistants such as Alexa, Echo from Amazon, and similar virtual assistants across different platforms. If you have massive amounts of data you want to use for machine learning or deep learning, you will need tools and people to enrich it so you can train, validate, and tune your model.

PHI Tagging

This is where an experienced medical transcriptionist comes in and tags and removes every PHI in a medical file and makes it a declassified document, covering all specialties to make the VR engine ready to detect and convert speech to text in a flawless manner with excellent quality.

Data Labeling

Data labeling can refer to tasks that include data tagging, annotation, classification, moderation, transcription, or processing. Data labeling, in the context of machine learning, is the process of detecting and tagging data samples. It is a manual process in which labels are obtained by asking humans to make judgments about a given piece of unlabeled data. Labeled data is a group of samples that have been tagged with one or more labels.

Copy Paste Services​

Copy paste services are an essential part of numerous businesses, educational institutions, and various other organizations across the world. It is important to store critical data, such as addresses, phone numbers, email IDs, etc. securely, which otherwise resides on reports and documents. However, copy paste data entry in bulk is a tedious task. So, the best option is to outsource copy paste services to a reliable outsourcing partner.

Outsourcing copy paste services serves as a quick and error-free copy paste data entry solution.  Whether you require assistance in copying content from PDF into Excel or PDF into MS Word, PowerPoint, or Excel we can assist.  With highly trained and qualified teams, strong process methodologies, security measures, and quality assurance processes, we assure you of accurate and reliable copy paste services.

Copy Paste Services We Offer

Our Professional Copy Paste Services include the following:

• Transferring Content from One Format to Another

We copy data from any file format and paste it into another format as per your specific requirements.

• Copy/Pasting Other Data Forms

This includes collating data from reference and research material, promotional matter and informational content and can be used for multiple business purposes.

• Copy/Pasting Large Volumes of Data

This includes email addresses, contact details and links for various purposes, such as creating a repository of contacts or reference lists of useful websites.

• Copy/Pasting Web Content into Various Formats

If you need to maintain a database from multiple websites that can generate content into a single document or file, in formats such as MS Word, PowerPoint or Excel, this service is apt.

Confidentiality & Security

M2ComSys is an ISO 27001:2013 certified company and meets all stringent rules and regulations applicable under the Information Security Management System. We have appropriate IT security safeguards to maintain the security and confidentiality of all information that we receive, process, store, or transmit in connection with the provision of transcription services.

These include,

  • 2048-bit encryption
  • User authentication
  • Role-based access, context-based access, and user-based access
  • Automatic inactivity log-off
  • Audit trail and audit logs
  •  Encrypted data handling
  • HIPAA compliant encrypted email

In addition, our secure networks offer the following advantages:

  • Secure HP, Cisco, Dell Enterprise Hardware & Support
  • Cisco and SonicWall Firewalls
  • Secure Tier 1 Network
  • Secure 80-100 Mbps backup internet connection
  •  Robust and secure servers
  •  SonicWall VPN access with 3DES Encryption
  •  Dedicated Support team backed by robust security management
  • Use of RAID (redundant array of independent disks), a data storage virtualization technology that combines multiple disk drive components into a logical unit for the purposes of data redundancy

We have advanced, cutting-edge, multi-level physical security built at our data center to ensure that the infrastructure is not compromised.  We have the following physical security measures in place to ensure security of our data center.

  •  RFID-based Access Control System to control entry into and exit from our building, server rooms, transcription center, and other sensitive locations
  • 24 x 7 electronic surveillance systems (CCTV) with digital video recording in and around our building, server rooms, transcription center, and other sensitive locations
  • 24 x 7 security personnel manning our office
  • Smoke alarms and fire extinguishers
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Equipment protection via lightning and surge protectors
  • Locked cabinets for sensitive physical assets

Data Mining & Database Building

Outsourcing copy/paste services serves as a quick and error-free copy-paste data entry solution and includes copying content from PDF into Excel or PDF into MS Word, PowerPoint, or Excel. We have a highly trained and qualified team who follow strong process methodologies, security measures, and quality assurance processes.

Quality Control Program

M2ComSys recognizes that in today’s competitive marketplace, effective quality systems are essential when providing services to all our clients. Our management is committed to providing services that comply fully with the specifications and expectations of our valued customers. Therefore, it is the policy of M2ComSys to adhere strictly to a quality control program and to ensure that the program and the requirements of our customers are met on every project we execute.

M2ComSys employs an extensive QA/QC program, administered and overseen by our QA/QC Manager. The QCM has the responsibility and organizational freedom to identify quality control problems, stop work, recommend solutions, and verify the resolution of such problems. The QCM shall also have the responsibility of documenting the established Quality Assurance/ Quality Control Programs in a manner that strives to comply with applicable Quality Systems.

At M2ComSys, we follow a mandatory and supervised 3-tier Quality Assurance Process to meet or exceed the quality requirements of clients even while strictly complying with turnaround times

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